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Capital Pneumatics

Capital Pneumatics Stucco Sprayer

Capital Pneumatics Stucco Sprayer

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Included with this stucco sprayer are 1- 3/8" Automotive Coupler, 1- 1/2" Automotive Coupler, 2- rubber jet plugs, 2- brass jet plugs, 4- 0.060" brass spray tips and 2- cleaning tools. The 4 spray tips that come installed on the sprayer are 0.135". For the smaller jets use a compressor that is rated for at least 7 CFM @ 90 PSI. For the larger jets and to achieve full air flow use at least a 1/2" air hose and fittings. Use a compressor that is rated for a least 12 CFM @ 90 PSI. The bigger the compressor with a higher CFM ratings will allow the sprayer to throw harder. If you need to remove 2 of the jets because the compressor you are using is too small and is not spraying correctly. Using the 1/2" wrench remove the outer most jet on the right and left side and replace with the both jets with the brass plugs. Using the 2 black rubber plugs, insert one plug into the outer most exit holes on the front of the hopper.
  • Quickly and easily apply stucco, mortar and plaster
  • Heavy-duty Rust-Proof Aluminum Hopper; Removable handle and 4-nozzle brass jets
  • Min. 7 CFM at 90 PSI/ 9 CFM at 120 PSI with larger jets ; 25L/M air consumption per minute
  • Includes 3/8" Automotive Coupler, 1/2" Automotive Coupler, 2- Rubber Jet Plugs, 2- Brass Jet Plugs, 2 Cleaning Tools and 4- 0.060" brass jets
  • Hopper Capacity of 4.5L
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