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Legit Grit

6-Inch 49-Hole Hook & Loop Sanding Discs, Mixed Grit, 50-Pack

6-Inch 49-Hole Hook & Loop Sanding Discs, Mixed Grit, 50-Pack

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Mixed grit sample packs are made available to customers who seek to test our product for the first time or for customers require only a few pieces of each grits for a small project. Our mixed grit packs are available in sets of 10 pieces and 50 pieces.

  • Lasts longer - Forget paper, our discs are built with a durable plastic film layer that prevents tearing
  • Reduced clogging - our discs feature an anti-blocking coating to reduce friction and improve the release of sanded material
  • Precision performance - Our premium velvet backing minimizes pressure and creates a softer surface connection to allow for precise sanding
  • Top quality at sanded down prices - our products are manufactured alongside leading brands with price savings of 20% or more
  • More effective - Legit Grit premium heat treated aluminum oxide grain remove up to 64% more material than leading brands*

*Based on testing conducted with 120-grit sand paper over an 18-minute period.

50-pack mixed grit packs include 80, 120, 150, 180, and 220 grit - 10 pieces of each

Disc Size
Compatible Orbital Sanders
5-Inch 8-Hole
  • Compatible with most 5-inch orbital sanders
5-Inch 9-Hole
  • Festool ETS 125 REQ
  • Festool ETSC 125
  • Festool ETS EC 125/3 EQ
  • Festool RO 125 FEQ
6-Inch 6-Hole
  • Bosch 1250DEVS
  • Bosch 3727DEVS
  • Bosch ROS65VC-6
  • Ridgid R26111
6-Inch 15-Hole
  • Bosch GET75-6N
  • Makita BO6050J
6-Inch 49-Hole
  • Festool ETS 150/3 EQ
  • Festool ETS 150/5 EQ
  • Festool ETS EC 150/3 EQ
  • Festool ETS EC 150/5 EQ
  • Festool RO 150 FEQ Rotex
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