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Legit Grit

5-Inch 9-Hole Hook & Loop Sanding Discs, Mixed Grit, 50-Pack

5-Inch 9-Hole Hook & Loop Sanding Discs, Mixed Grit, 50-Pack

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Includes 10pcs of each grit: 80, 120, 150, 180, 220 (50 pieces total).  Legit Grit's 5" 9 Hole sanding discs are premium film-backed discs designed to fit Festool sanders. 

Why Legit Grit?

  • SAND 2X FASTER -  Legit Grit's proprietary aluminum oxide formula enables you to sand at lightning speed, leaving competitors in the dust, and achieving results 2X as fast.
  • FESTOOL COMPATIBILITY Our 5-inch 9 hole sanding discs fit are made to fit Festool ETS 125, Festool ETS EC 125, Festool ETSC 125 and Festool Rotex 125 sanders. 
  • REUSABLE HOOK & LOOP Easy installation and removal so you can reuse discs.  We use a higher quality 60% nylon hook and loop blend so your discs won't fly off while being used. 
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS - Legit Grit sanding discs are great at removing material from Wood, Painted Surfaces, Plastics, Metal and Drywall. 

Compatible Sanders Include

  • Festool ETS 125
  • Festool ETS EC 125
  • Festool ETSC 125
  • Festool Rotex 125
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